Arena map archer OP?

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Is not this arena map too op for archers and/or mages?

He/she is just jumping jumping and shooting shooting, too "dificult" to block during the jumping... from my point of view is a bit unbalance. Im not saying it is not impossible, but if the other player is not too bad... you should pray.

The one I win was after 5 minutes fighting, 2 hp both of us and finally he fell down (like me in this pic)

Image 1952

This will be fixed... hopefully.

Rezoner is going to add a bridge in the next patch.


Kghhh..Cheap bastards showing off with bow by killing others the cheapest way possible while having no idea about the weapon techniques.Tsk tsk

Actually that kind of player (together with "runners") should be banned.... but that is another issue :D

not my problem i use claws and use tear over pit


Real reasons i'm playing with bow is that:1.i already mastered it and used it since the very beginning of it's update an 2.I don't want to risk hepatitis from all blood over me with melee combat.But that's just me though.

Real reasons why I was playing with all weapons: 1. I have all different tactics for them, 2. I can't choose what's my favourite XD

On this map soon will be added bridge, so melee users can go to other side without risk of one hit dead.

often players run because they are low on health or because they know that you would wreck them in an actual fight as to that map and archers. if you zoom out and kick arrows back its fine.