Two daggers to collect sand

issa04 2 years ago • updated by Disguised 2 years ago 24

Hello everyone,
Today I want to propose to add two daggers to collect sand.
The sand in the first dagger will be used by the players to slow down the opponent's movement or immobilize it completely.
The second dagger can be used to inflate the enemy for 4 seconds to let him lose hp.

The first dagger should look like this:

The second dagger:

Each time a player kills, the player emits sand as many bones he has collected.
But you have to be quick in picking up the sand, players will try to steal it, look at this image:

The ground monster would be the dead opponent who turned into sand.

Each player can choose whether to use the first dagger or the second
so the daggers are also not bought to ensure a fight for equal weapon
in the arena.

Daggers, of course, will be secondary weapons

I hope you liked the idea, issa04.


I really didnt understand this,the only thing i understood was stabby stabby,you're either a snail or a baloon

-1 because u don't understand??

From the things that i did understand i downvoted,this isnt really for wilds

Maybe you did not understand it but it's a good idea

(I'm not saying it's definitely a good idea)

The idea of collecting sand, honestly I got it from a game I know but how it use was my idea

You can immobilize or slow down the movements of the enemy for 1-2 seconds

You didnt say anything about knockback or damage or can it be thrown or disarmed

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, or something like this. I was playing this, and your idea is shi...umm...Rez didn't planned adding any weapons, so no.

But they are secondary weapons ....

That game is very old ...2003

Wrong. Rez have in plans new weapons, but he working now with other things.

Why he didn't said that then?

The sand allows you to use the dagger (but every 40 seconds or 1 minute) .... if you do not have a sand you can not use it

But the sand is not infinite, If you use the dagger you will be taken away some of the sands that you have collected


I felt a slight plagiarism in this text


lazy-ass posters, neh?

Please explain your dislike

why collect sand...? i mean i understand the thing of having special daggers...but why sand? its just...sand... im confused

well...this is suppose to be a barbaric game...there weren't any fancy daggers then.

Or daggers at all.

My point is that daggers don't go with spears and/or sword

Now imagine in game two daggers with this quality of graphic comparing to the rest of all graphic xD

I was trying to imagine it, but my brain decided to turn off. It's looking too bad.