Renegade alliances

Sir Killalot 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 10

Imagine 2 friends that are on the renegade team and suddenly a wild brown person appears!you two kill the brown person but damage eachother indirectly during the fight.

What i suggest to fix this is that you hover your cursor over the renegade and hold a button(probably G as default)for 3 seconds.Why 3 seconds you may ask?so that you dont accidentaly press G on somebody and you cant kill them.when you press G a sound is heard letting you know that you arent going to kill them.when this happens the health bar of the person you dont want to kill turns green and the person that is being befriended will see you with an orange health bar.

You have to hold G on that person again to make them killable.There is also a cooldown between befriending someone and making them killable,the cooldown is 60 seconds if that person is not attacking you,and 15 if they hit you during the cooldown of 60 seconds.

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - I made this many G's in 3 secs. "Ivan_Musić has been muted for 60 seconds for spamming." Watch out for chat :/

I think you didnt understand,you put the cursor over someone,hold G for 3 seconds and you are semi-allies,the chat is not used in befriending someone

You know there happen some mistakes, people say "wddddd" or "asssssdddddd" etc. because they was trying to move but forgot to turn off chat.


Ehmm, great idea but make sure that one can deny.

If someone holds G on you,you can still do whatever you want to that person,the only effect you get when someone befriends you is that they cant kill you,but you can kill them and that that persons health bar turns orange

If you are thinking of the fact that you want to be killed by players they can always say no,with or without the orange bar

Me:hey,i made a good post about a good idea

Everyone else:look,an old post that isnt helping the game,lets bump the shit out of it and constantly comment!