Weapon/Class Idea: The Pugilist (Brawler)

Major Tom 3 years ago updated by Evasive 3 years ago 7

Hello. I'm fairly new and have been enjoying wilds.io immensely. I really dig the variety of the combat, and as a fan of action RPGs in general, the representation of axes, spears, swords, bows etc really goes a long way to help the player feel unique when finding their favored combat style. Unfortunately, in most of the action RPGs that I have played, whether it's the Souls series, Dragon's Dogma, or even Elder Scrolls, unarmed combat (fists) rarely receive attention at all and is often useless in most scenarios.

I propose that wilds.io be the game to change that. My suggestion is simple; create a melee combatant, a pugilist. This weapon set (or lack of) would only use his/her fists. To keep things comprehensive, here is a list of features that should hopefully enlighten you all on the potential fun that could be brought to the table:

- No shield? Counter instead!

(Unlike all the other styles, the pugilist has no shield. Scrolling the mousewheel down, however, will enable a stance animation that–when attacked–is countered and strikes the opponent for a stun, and a tiny bit of damage allowing a follow-up attack thereafter)

Increased attack speed

(We all know that when you lose your weapon in wilds.io, you become an unarmed combatant. To set the pugilist apart from this, I propose that he/she should have a similar animation for the left click, although 1.5x faster, so as to make it more viable to attack enemies with weapons)

- Holding left click

My idea for this attack is that the pugilist charges up his attack that when released, causes you to dash punch a decent distance. This allows for tactical positioning when fighting the enemy. Should you hit an enemy with this attack, it will deal decent damage as well as push the opponent back marginally, making it a good offensive tool as well as a good 'get off me' tech on top of being a good way to get out of skirmishes should you retreat.

Pressing R:  Super Suplex!

Now of their R, their 'ultimate'. I propose that it have a very specific condition; it will only work on blocking opponents. Due to the aforementioned attack speed advantage this class will boast, it will be natural to expect opponents to block. This is where the R comes in, when pressed against a blocking opponent, the pugilist grabs hold of the opponent and slams them with a suplex so nasty the entire server can feel it. I exaggerate, but a good amount of damage is ticked off the enemy, and you win.

That's about it for my idea. Thanks to any of you who have read this post! Please tell me if you like it, let me know if you dislike it, and more importantly, contribute ideas to improve on what I've suggested. Happy brawling!


What would be the damage of each attack? It needs to be a good number, so it's not under or overpowered

Due to the increase in attack speed? I'd say 1hp per hit is fine, so the weakest left click in-game. The charge attack would knock it up to about 1.5 hp on damage, and the suplex could be 1.75 or 2.0 in damage. Not sure.

Kinda OP. Special can't be countered, does a lot of damage.The attack speed would be really fast (3-4 shots between stun ). The charge attack gives extra range. And  blocking does damage... Unless the normal attack is the same as the unarmed punch currently in the game (Then it becomes a special spam weapon).

The attack speed would also mean a low damage threshold. But perhaps you have a point about the ultimate. My only solution to your concern is maybe the R can have a slow start-up animation, giving the blocking opponent an opportunity to backdash out of the suplex?


I think this idea is pretty good, it just needs a little bit of balancing. Also, it would be weird to buy your own fists in the shop, so maybe a glove? Something like a cestus would actually make a lot of sense, because the player would need something to keep himself from completely destroying his knuckles due to constant punching.

HEY!! Can't we have this equipment with our weapon? It would look really COOL.


or brass knuckles