Secondary Weapons... Again...

OnderaZ 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 7

I'm here with this idea again because, apparently, no one has seen my last post, I do not know if it was because of disinterest or if it was a bad moment to post it, anyway, nobody saw = (
Well, let me summarize, secondary weapons are similar to items, but are more useful, not lost when used and are purchased in the store. The secondary weapons would be located at the waist and could be used every 2 minutes with the Q key, or one that was better.
I had my ideas about secondary weapons, but I also collected some of the other publications I've seen:
Boomerang (I saw this idea in Ukryty publication) I bet they know how that would work ...
Magic trumpet (My idea = D. When used, it would create an earthquake around you, knocking down the players, which would help in the escape, would be similar to the ogre's jumping power)
Shurikens (I saw this idea in a Rezoner publication. I do not know how that would work, but if you gave up that maybe it was the way out.)
If you are reading this, you have more ideas, feel free to comment here below. But remember to differentiate what could be a major weapon and what could be a secondary weapon. Thanks for reading this text! So I went!

Why you just not bump old post? This is better idea Instead of make another post.

Sorry, is that in this I wanted to implement things that did not have in other =/

So ranged weapons as a secondary?

tbh i think this would work better than just adding new weapons every time

Toke, yes, when you throw the shuriken, it would come back some time later, unlike the items that after use you need to get another one, besides they would do more damage.

When used the boomerang would come back to you and could be used every 10 or 15 seconds (sorry for not putting these details in the text)

XD, sorry, Credits to Ukryty for boomerang !! I could not resist placing your gun, it's a really good idea =)