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alien god king 8 years ago updated by Pisos 8 years ago 5

when u have an adblock on the space where the ad goes is kinda messed up. you should add something that says We would love you to support the game by disabling your adblock. thankyou.

and make it look nice and comforting. also if u donate patreon remove ads?

Under review

Yeah I find that reasonable.
Not sure if the last one is a question - but in case it is - then yes, I am not displaying ads for Patrons.
I also plan to decrease respawn time for Patrons.

Do not decrease respawn time for Patrons, it would be unfair and just another step to pay2win game


Just for casual game - for ranked it has to be even to be fair.

ps: There has not been a single step taken towards pay2win model so I don't know what you mean by "another".
I will soon share Berserker vs Grunt statistics - they have almost even Kill/Deaths ratio.

sorry, forget to press "reply", check comment below

If ranked would be fair, it's ok.

Berserker is the first step
This statistics won't be representative, because a lot of changes appeared, like reworking block