New Mode: Parkour

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Basically, it's a race of wit and multi-tasking. You have to use a combination of moves to overcome a obstacle. For example, you will have to roll under openings in a wall to get through said wall. This could also be incorporated into mountain obstacles. To prevent players from gaining unfair advantages through different weapons, weapons will be disabled and you cannot deal damage to a player what so ever.

Examples of such parkour can include:

1.) Getting through a field of sandworms

2.) Avoiding sand pits

3.) Not falling into a pit full of spears

4.) Getting through multiple Guillotines 

5.) Surviving a trapped Ogre (the throw would be most lethal)

The first player to finish will be rewarded just like the arena system however, there are also second, third and fourth places which you can earn points for finishing. The number one RUNNER will hold the title as The RUNNER.

If all the places have been filled, the mode ultimately ends. 

Such icons to symbolically represent ranks can follow this order:

1.)THE RUNNER (Golden Wings w/ label: Dare-devil, God blessed you)

2.)The Reacters   (Golden Person flexing their muscles)

3.)Human GPS     ( Golden Icon of a dash animation)

4.)Snapper           ( Golden Icon of person running

5.) ......

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Also, if you take too long, expect to be devoured by a demon-barrier!

this sounds like a good idea so TAKE MY UVOTE

Funny... I downvoted yours...  XD

Sounds like a great idea, if you're serious enough about it you can create a template of the map to save Rez some time if he decides this idea is good enough.