PvP map improvement

Egzekutor 1 year ago • updated by issa04 12 months ago 14

Well, fighting on pvp i noticed, on new map some players trying abuse one technique, and i mean camping on other side of pits and waiting when you try jump to the other side. 

They always trying kick you to the pit or using special attack do the same thing. And because when you jump, you have limited control in the air, enemy can easy kill you with one hit. But i have idea how solve it, and do not deleting new map. 

One thing what should exist on the map is small bridge or two above the pit. 

This will allow players to safely cross to the other side of the arena, and the possibility of normal combat without the risk of dying from one kick at the very beginning of the round. Also possibility of jump over the pit, and running on the other side using bridge, can make fights on this map more interesting.

I hope you agree that players should fight for victory and that should be a real fight. I also hope that players will stop abusing this technique after making changes to the map.

Regards, Egzekutor



Added bridge in the next update.


Thanks :3

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The reason why i never play arena is because on NA the server in wich i normally play i´ve been getting almost 150 MS there making it a bit laggy.

Not good info... But i hope you can play in other modes without big problems.

I usually stand where you are and wait for them to safely jump over, I learned my lesson after I dashed in there with my claws and a dude with a sword threw me back in. I never felt safe again XD

Heh this not always works because some players act like donkeys and they waiting for you all time xD

But yes, i also first waiting for oponnent ( if he not using ranged weapon) and when i see he don't want come to me, i trying jump to the other side with dash, because this is one way which can save your ass xD

Meh! I use a hammer ability or claws ability to get across safely.


Yes, please remove this map from 1v1. It's just really annoying to play on.


I think this map can stay but it really need improvement because now campers/ranged weapon users have big advantage.

It's IDKFA, isn't he/she? (This guy on screenshot, who has curtained name)


I don't like showing in posts which player use tactics like this because more important is solve problem but yes, you hit well. You probably recognized him because he wearing a doge mask, when not much people have this hat most of the time on head.

Short curtaining of his/her name, sword, silver shield and doge mask. I thought about him/her because just few minutes before posting his/her name I was reading about his/her cheating, made by Disguised.

You are right Egze


Added bridge in the next update.

A ten co ma na głowie XD