Arena Invisibility still not fix and map problem.

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I recently made a post about how people can become invisible in arena and it's a real pain, I thought it was fixed but apparently not.

Also I have another issue. There is a map (in which this glitch can be made possible) with spikes in the middle. I know I requested a map to be removed before (and it was, thanks a million Rez). 

But the map with the spikes in the middle is something I dread a lot because of how difficult it is to fight someone in close combat if they decide they do not want to.

Scenario 1: They keep standing where you would like to jump, if you do jump they will just kick you into the spikes or use their abilities to throw you back in there. Making it impossible to jump over.

Scenario 2: They will jump over when you decide to jump over, the result of that is you just switch places making it kind of annoying.

and almost every time the result is a game of tennis, this is where a player throws their weapon at the other and it is then kicked back and forth until someone dies. 

But that is the best of the worst endings on that map.

It gets even worse when you are up against someone who is ranged. Eventually they will wear you down, unless of course they happen to be careless and lose (which happened to me once thankfully).

Naturally I would like the map removed (though I am asking for a lot, so.....) and that the invisibility glitch to be fixed. The glitch happens when a person falls into the spikes after winning, the falling into the spikes animation turns the player invisible because the player respawns and the falling into the spikes animation continues after they spawn in turning them invisible.

If you (that random person on this forum) happen to get through everything I just wrote, then you deserve a cookie, and please thumbs up if you agree.  

Thanks! ^.^

Hemmmmm is this a bug? Or an idea?

Also, i deserve a cookie :3

I actually have a fix to that... get claws and hammer when you get that map, you can use it's special abilities while sprinting to get across the pit safely under the invincibility influence. Works as a glitch but works in favor of you.