Shifting maps

werewolf 7 years ago 0

i'm noticing that most of the players only enter the fortress map. perhaps there should be a map shift to fix this problem? so every 30 minutes the map swaps. players could still keep there score tho.

these are some maps:

open desert

open desert melee

original melee map

fortress map

old capture the flag map

new capture the flag map

a few old ruins maps

market map

these are some new map ideas:

forest   (flat ground with tons of trees and yetis, but still desert ground)

dungeon    (hallways and rooms with darkness outside the walls)

caves   (cliff faces creating tunnels and caverns with black beyond the walls)

mountain   (heaps of cliffs and high ground)

river   (a long thin map with a river in the middle separating each team)

bloodbath   (a small arena in which all players are on the black team)

archery   (only ranged weapons aloud, perhaps add a cheaper sling to the shop for beginners)

tag   (if u kill a player on the opposite team they join yours, a rocky map with a few tree clusters)

teamwork   (a few different teamwork maps in which all players work together against monsters)

there could perhaps still be the fortress map always available but in the second slot instead

i hope u like this idea