Annoying fast respawn people

Mistodel 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 20

  Well, this idea will be about how to stop quickly respawning people. I have been playing for about a year and this is a big problem. These people run without thinking their head, die and respawn with full hp, while you have half or even less. 

   What I suggest is to introduce such a thing as a timer. If you die without playing for a minute (or more), you should wait for the respawn of 15-30 seconds

- Regards, Mistodel.

This issue quite challenging to solve...


This is one of the possible ways ;v

i think the old respawn of 10 seconds was good

the ancient map too (RUINS V 1.0)


I think the old feature from old wilds should be implemented back, where there was a cooldown before u could respawn, and there was a tip underneath the respawn button

I remember from these tips only "You did well." - they are hard to remember


Damn i got epic idea. When players die they can have tips like tutorial with all movements and things what is needed for complete gameplay. First he see one random tip and next he can click small arrow for another tip and so on.

Well that's pretty much what I wanted lol

Nice Egze. Make topic about that. +1


Yes true, those stupid people who get killed by you respawn and come back to fight you with you having like 1 hp

I got same situation when reporting invincibility glitch of my clone. veneno got killed by me, I got 1.5 hp and he respawn beside me.

wut 15-30? i will not wait longer than 10 sec to resp its faster to reload the site ;_;


For you we can make a exception - 10 minutes of respawn.

If reload site too much times you will be banned for 1 hour ;v

nouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu [XD]

I agree. The immediate respawn thing is annoying. Lots of people want revenge after you killed them, and they come back very fast at your position (or even respawn near you). A 7 seconds delay should be added in the game so you can have time to change your location).

Previously it was 9 seconds (before adding first ruins map)... .-.

True, also you get not enough hp from killed players, so you can't heal too fast, when enemy which was killed in most stuations attack you again with full hp.

Downvoted... Whats wrong with u guys? U like die like that? 

Meh, it's more annoying to wait to respawn then to deal with people who die and come back full health, and in older wilds.io it was 9 seconds, 15-30 seconds is too high, and noobs at game will never really get to play if they have to wait this long to respawn

All downvote cuz time to respawn is 15 sec. It can be changed. 

Wait for respawn for example 10 sec when u play more 10 min w/o dying its not long, BUT if u die every 30-60 sec - yes, its annoying.