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I know this has been suggested a lot, but I have a pretty good idea for PvE (imo). So basically how it works is that you are in a map with no high ground. It's like the desert map, but with no sandpits. Every wave goes by rounds and gets more intense. For example, round 1 could be a bunch of goblins, like 10. Then, round 2 could be, 15 goblins. Round 5 could be 30 goblins and a yeti. There could be shadows, ogres, yetis, and goblins. After finishing a round, there should be a 30 second break for players to gather items. Once someone dies, they don't respawn. Once everyone is dead, the game ends. This gamemode would be a cooperative survival with a minimum of 5 players. The players cannot hurt each other.

Your idea is not that original, if players don't respawn they will be insanely bored staring at other playing the game and will probably leave. A way to fix this is to just make more servers. I'm not too sure how server hosting goes but it sounds expensive to have a lot of servers running at a time just because people don't feel like waiting minutes to respawn.

If you take out the "don't respawn" part of the equation, this is literally just another generic PvE post. You might as well bump an old one at this rate. 

i didnt say it was original

Maybe a system where you get to respawn 3 times and then you can be insanely bored staring at other playing the game and will probably leave.

Or maybe a camera following the leader until the game is over?

Make it like soccer or 3v3 :( and have a queueueue for however many players you want.

u urself made a pve post too -.-

That was a month ago, when there was only 1 PvE thread made that I saw so far. 

Also I was a new player and if you read the thread I made, it was more of a question than a suggestion.

I know you have been on this forum for quite a while, so clearly you are aware of most of the things people post. 

Also I and a lot of other people came up the same exact idea you just posted, all you are doing is going into detail which is something Rez could figure out on his own. Your idea is basic, its probably the first thing a person would come up with when thinking about PvE and does not bring much to the table. You really aren't helping out Rez by posting the most obvious idea out there that has already been posted by other people.

In fact you are making it worse by posting ideas that would instead hinder the game mode by the "no respawn" rule. 

You also said "i didnt say it was original", if it isn't original then why don't you just bump an old post and leave a comment on it if you want to add to the idea.

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in ur own words "...who is it hurting making another one?" i havent seen any pve posts posted after you made yours, so i really dont see the problem here

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this guy keeps hating on everyone

I'm not hating, just discussing the issues with their ideas or their comments. If you can, please find a comment where I was being unreasonable.

Its not hate, just tough love ;)

Maybe players can revive dead ones during the wave? For example died player have 15 seconds for gain help from others and when nobody revive him, he die and can leave game or stay as spectator.

I thought about that, but it didn't really make sense. Maybe drop a health pot on a player's corpse to revive within 30 seconds?

This is good idea, and i think it is much easier for Rez to make this mechanic.

PvE already exist when you are alone in server.

Real pve occur when Rezoner or me join to server xD

This happens, and sorry for the bit of lag. My CPU was dying XD

yeah but then bots appear lol