Melee - no players

savage doge 3 years ago updated by Mistodel 3 years ago 18

ok, here we go again..




okay, these pictures are big enough to see, hopefully you can see it well xD

maybe pictures are "Too big" xD

Magnifying glass in my hand.

and it was supposed to be uhh question , idea bug? Idk, maybe add like other

No way?! are you serious!?, since the relaunch it has so many players... what could of happened???

Enjoy your daily sarcasm, there is no words to describe how blind a person would be if they didn't notice that melee has not been getting much players.

It's not a bug, I suppose you could of figured that out by going into the game.

If you're going to point out the obvious at least leave a suggestion or something, it's not like Rezoner doesn't know about it. Thats why it was removed in the first place and since people wanted more of the game modes back, Rez brought them back for us.

Also please don't say "BAM" after every picture, we can see that too, no need for the sound effects.

You forgot the picture.


Any problem?

ok chill a bit, btw I'm not using sarcasm

there is only 3 pictures.. it's not a bug duh, i posted as idea


You are lying! You say in title of topic "Melee - no players", but on screenshots we see there are players! You are going to be banned for it on userecho!!! *RAGE*


At this moment i think better idea is bring back 3v3 instead of melee, but i hope this mode will have another scoreboard not connected to 1v1 mode.

Right Egze



yes ,3v3 would be great again...it got alot of popularity when it came out...

and please make it by score...cuz people just join up with beginners and lose....

Donald Rezoner - Make Wilds great again!

Why are people hatin on savage doge? He is making a valid point (excluding the title) that melee is DEAD!!! +1 for savage doge.

What we should work on though is bring back the almighty MARKETPLACE!!!!!

There were times when there were no players. All day there are no more than 5 players