Add CTF description

issa04 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 8

Add CTF description for the players who play it for the first time because there are players who did not understand how it works. I hope it has helped you, issa04.

Why some users aren't adding descriptions to threads too...


Actually this mode doesn´t need a description it just needs its name to be changed to capture the flag, example:

An english guy enters wilds.io and he doesn´t understands what CTF means, so he goes into the CTF mode and he just doesn´t knows how to play it because he doesn´t knows that CTF means CAPTURE THE FLAG!

All mods have a description why CTF should not have it ??

Because if you have a little of common sense, and you´ve been playing games for a while, you´ll know that CTF means: Capture The Flag 

BUT!... but, my friend, some people don´t posses that knowledge, and thats why it doesn´t needs a description, instead of a description C.T.F. needs a name change.

Well i think in description should be full name of this mode and basic informations. Because not everyone understand english shortcuts this can help so much. I think it is needed, but also this make game menu better.

issa04 this is a good idea, must be needed (+1)

ty savage ;D