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What do players want?

werewolf 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 11

what things do you actually want to happen with this game?

these are a few sections with some ideas players have come up with. i would like to kind of sum them into one thing so you can choose which one or ones you would like to happen most. so lets get started:


possibly the most wanted thing to be added into the game.

but what do you think? be sure to give your thoughts on both whether it is important that more should be added and which ones. be sure to post it if you have another idea noit included on this list:


the boomerang would be a ranged weapon which should follow the mouse like the arrows used to do. however they should turn faster but move slower. the special should track automatically and move x2 faster.

ogre bone:

the ogre bone it a melee weapon which would have the ogres smash as its special. it could also possibly have more knock back because it is large and heavy.


the mace would smash players into the air like the ogre throwing players or kicking a ball on a a special. also the maces charge attack would knock over.

fire staff:

the fire staff has been mentioned and even tested before. however it was decided that it was to op. would you like this weapon in the game? what ability's? perhaps a flame thrower or exploding missiles


the crossbow would have a far slower re lode than the bow.but would deal more damage and arrows could move faster. it would cost the same.


the dagger would be like fighting unarmed but still deal 2 instead of 1 damage. on a special it could throw 3 daggers in a spread area. the player would only take damage from the first on that hit him however.


the flails charge attack could do a hammer special. however it would do it slower and with no damage resistance. on a special it could to a sword special butr it would last twice as long. however while doing it they would move 10% slower.

that is enough for that section. be sure to tell me any that i have missed.

character editing:

basically making your player more unique. do you think it should be added?


perhaps players could make themselves up to 10% taller or shorter on a scale? the same could apply for the players width. however it would not increase there reach.

hair colour:

currently hair colour is chosen depending on your team. do you think it should be separate?

skin colour:

players could possibly change there skin colour on a scale of pale to nearly total black?


there should be an option to go into the game with your other tribe members as your team. what do you think about this idea?


i'm going to make this clear and short

what maps do you want and not want:

melee mode ?

desert mode ?

current fort ?

market place ?

ruins map ?

thats pretty much it (:

don't forget to comment

oh and the hell mode. but it did not have many players. so probably not.


Ok let's go:
Boomerang - i like this one

Bone - something like mace/hammer so maybe probably skin for hammer/mace (if added)

Mace - i like this weapon so much but Rez told it is basically hammer. However i really want see this weapon in game.

Fire staff - I imagine this weapon like medium range attacking support with flamethrower as main attack and fireball as special. Also sprites already exist in game so adding this weapon is much easier.

Crossbow - Good weapon for players who have good aim and like powerfull weapons. Snipers in barbarian world hehe.

Dagger - This one looks too weak as weapon and i not talking about attacks. Also we have small knives in game so this weapon can be too similar to item. 

Flail - Here flail is overpowered as hell, but in Dziewczynka post you can found some very good and balanced ideas about this weapon. Also in post about mace you can found good tips. However Rez told this weapon is not easy for make. 

Editing characters:
We already have this option because we can use different skins for shields, hats etc. But i like more options about editing your characters. But it's also not that easy for implement. Changing size is probably too hard for adding. 

About hair colour i think it's very good idea but idk how hard it is with implementation. 

Skin colour - idk how this can looks because barbarians have very small part of skin visible. But generaly i like this idea.

Teams - I makes post about it so i like it. 

Maps - I like most maps where we can make some skilled tricks, parkours and also they looks cool. But most of Rez maps have good level of this things. 

I hope this help :]

Imagine if fire staff could burn down the gate, and you could use water to put it out O.o

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