Hows your in-game experience?

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 3 years ago updated by J4sh1n 3 years ago 14

What do you like about this game? What do you dislike about this game? What do you think needs improvements?


it is a great game. however...

i think that there should be some more depth to it. 

perhaps a small story line. or a map the players can travel around.

this would encourage more players to join the game and would make

its overall experience far more enjoyable.

for instance a story line might be that there is a dark force that has begun

to awake from the depth of the earth. you could have a map with different 

locations players could travel two and fro from. meaning you could have a town in which

players are always unarmed and cannot attack each other. as well as multiple different locations which would replace different servers and different maps.

a system like this could include that certain areas are under attack by benevolent dark forces.

as well as adding a more realistic feel to the game. there could even me an arena in the town in which

players can battle for money. and shops in which players can buy there weapons.

the map could have a dried up forest full of wolves and bears.

the current fortress map without the shops just out of town.

a town and previous maps such as the ruins with more walls and pits so on.

and the missing melee mode. and even more new maps/areas that could be added.

not to mention when you die you should reappear in the town. when you kill another player

you would earn lives which could be spent to make you re spawn in your current map.

if your team holds the fortress or a particular place of importance on your map then 

you re spawn there after 10 seconds of being killed.

this system would greatly improve the game and make it far more exiting (:

and that's my we little comment. hahaha oops.

sounds a bit like an RPG to me

I do like this idea about a story mode but it was suggested in the past by many players but it was rejected since it took too much resources such as time and financial reasons. Not to mention that it was fairly hard to create a decent a story with just one person.

BTW, it sounds a lot like Lord of the Rings.

Personally I like the bone system, it makes me want to play the game. 

I would like more objective in the game other than "get bones", I mean I have devoted more hours into this game and more than any .io game out there, but even I have a limit to how much I can play this game. I mean so far, this game is a bit repetitive and yet not repetitive since each fight is different, but repetitive in the sense that you just fight and nothing changes much.

So far I'm entertained

For me general thing what should be improved is bone system and fixing some bugs. Incoming things which Rez have in plans is very good so i only waiting for it.

Boring. I stopped playing, because killing every player who isn't even trying to kill me is just boring. I lost 1 year of my life for playing this game, and I didn't saw through this time truth. This game is just killing, killing, killing and killing. No other targets. The only thing what's interesting in the game is this forum. I don't think I'll be back to here.

Its a bit harsh, I mean you have to at least give this game some credit.

I mean if you are going to criticise a game at least say what could help to return you into the game, at this point we are all pretty much aware that this game is a bit repetitive and saying you lost 1 year of your life is unnecessary.

Anything, something that doesn't need killing.. of course R6 Siege is quite same, but I have adrenaline on this game (My skillz.. XD), it's not the same like on wilds when I was playing with sad smile and no nerves in game, no satisfaction of 200-300 bones... Just anything, even that lacika madarasz's idea most downvoted in history of this forum.. pls. Let me know when mode without killing will come out to game.

You play Rainbow six siege right? What's your in game name? Check out other youtubers like macie jay and Serenity17. They play rainbow six siege a lot.

I was playing once with Serenity, and he got less kills and points than me. But once I was playing with player who is youtuber too, and we won without any kills. This guy got 15 kills and 0 deaths.

Bones were good but they've started to get boring.