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South America server left?

Lobster 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 8

Eu não entendo, esta última atualização, o servidor da América do Sul desapareceu, meu ping foi de 10 a 60, não posso jogar sem lag, não sei se eles serão retirados ou algo inesperado aconteceu, mas se for esse o caso , por favor, traga o servidor América do Sul volta.


I don´t understand, this last update the South America server dissapeared, my ping passed from 10 to 60, i can´t play because of the lag, I do not know if they will be withdrawn or something unexpected happened, but if thats the case, please, bring south america server back.*

Under review

Gladly if you find me a VPS provider that doesn't cost as much as all the servers combined. I have paid 50$ for Amazon EC2 instance (despite I have picked the cheapest one that should cost around 10$) - this is 10 times more than US servers - and my revenue from South America is very low compared to North America. If someone who understands hosting stuff in Brazil wants to drop me a message I am open for suggestions.

Está bem. Compreendi o problema, se assim para, eu terei que jogar Wilds com atraso,

Obrigado pelos seus esforços.

The least expensive one I know for website hosting is https://www.e-consulters.com.br/

Problem is with amount of players on this server.

Me too, my ping has went up since that time, but it was from 90 to 110 


Rez wasn't making enough money from it and it was too expensive


Maybe add some stuff what cost real cash instead of gold? (Yeah, I know it's stupid idea)