How to be a total Douchebag in CTF mode??

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 3 years ago updated by J4sh1n 3 years ago 8

Simple!!! You get the flag then run back to your base but don't capture the flag. When someone comes, you go through the doors where the enemy cannot. You do this repeatedly. FIX!!! This is absolutely broken 'cause one person cannot catch that person if that person keeps trolling.

Maybe a certain time limit to hold the flag?

No!! that is really bad 'cause if you are genuinely playing, and you get halted, it's fustrating to have this happen.


Man, Toke is Jashin... (facepalm)

lul how did you troll me

The time limit could be something a normal player can get under but if you're trolling it would drop the flag automatically. Maybe a limit of 60 seconds?

i personally thing its too easy to get the flag....go pass the bridge break the gate and its done.....

I think in center of map should be small parkour what make flag hunting more difficult, because now it's so easy stole flag. 

Also this doors really is abused by players and of course this is cowardly behavior.