Wilds.io crash/bug

Jason Wahl 7 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago 15

hello, Its me again. This time I took a picture of the crash on Microsoft edge:

Image 1773

This happened after only 3 minutes of playing wilds.io, I have a decent computer so there shouldn't be any problems there. I don't know what to do, its making  wilds.io very unpleasant. Please fix. also if anyone knows how to fix this or has had the same problem please tell me in the comments.

Sell it for museum, its masterpiece


Looks like modern art

And that is why you shouldn´t take drugs, children.

But still this is quite a problem for Jason.

Maybe its your Video Card. You should check that or maybe Reboo.. hehem i meant Restart your computer.

Hope it helped.

This is literally a canvas. It is art. Bob Ross would be proud. Rest In Peace Bob Ross.

He won solitaire in Windows XP and now he has this animation of jumping cards.. What's your score?


"Hey guys can you help me, my game is messed up"

-"This is modern art/ beautiful!/ take it to a museum" LOL


Big red thing in bottom right corner looks like a ogre face with strange hair xD

I can see that XD

This is an interesting glitch... it looks like the draw function failed for some reason, so everything gets a trail when it/you move... or it's maybe it's just insanely laggy?

Ummm.. Can you explain why are you using Microsoft Explorer...? (I know it's Edge, but it works same as Explorer, only design is different)

Perfectly xD

I think that the computer decided to include the frames of every action into a bunched up slideshow...