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Chrome version for wildsio

issa04 2 years ago • updated by Egzekutor 2 years ago 38

Hello to all. Today I want to propose making wilds.io compatible with old versions of chrome at least up to 48. Because many of my friends who love wilds.io for a few months can not play the old version of chrome anymore. Maybe they can not download the new version for the operating system. Thanks, issa04

Under review

May I know  the reason to keep outdated browser?

They are going to be ready for retro browsers festival.

BTW, there is a one idea per week rule...

Rez maybe is more easier to create an .exe file that everyone will have to download on the pc. Every update is proposed.

But he's talking about Chrome OS, which wouldn;t be compatible...

Then Rez what do you think of doing?

Rez this is what comes out loading wilds.io on the old version of chrome

It stays black with these 4 buttons

Sorry was wrong

Just get Opera

Disguised but in the old version of opera works wilds.io?

Get newest version of Mozilla Firefox, update your Flash Player to latest version and you should have no problems with game now.

Why do you want an old version???

My friends told me they could not install the new firefox version for the operating system

Why? They are playing on Windows 3.11?

The installation of the new version of firefox or opera comes out  this message: this program requires a computer that support SSE2 instructions.

I hope for them that Rez can solve the problem or create an .exe file

And create files .exe each with a different name based on the version (update) and put them on userecho

Stop posting more than one idea per week!!!! It's a rule but whatever, I eat rules for breakfast anyway.


How does they taste?

Rez see the ping when they play wilds.io in old version of firefox:

I've never been good at drawing xD

Maybe it's best to try to make it compatible with the old version of chrome because i checked and did not even charge it

I'm need this game for Chrome...

i'm have HUGE lags when using other browsers...

Noob at english! ...And welcome back to userecho.

I'm gonna* need this game for Chrome...

I* have HUGE lags when using other browsers...

translate.google.ukryty.com xD

i will search it lol

Grammar nazi at rescue!

"1-303-893-0552" It's not my number! f****n liars

Ukryty is famous!!