Game crashing please help!!!

Jason Wahl 2 years ago • updated by Egzekutor 2 years ago 2

So basically, the game keeps on crashing after a short period of time. I did some experimenting on different browsers. When I used Microsoft edge, the crash would make the screen look all weird. It would make the images draw like this: 000000000000000 non stop, I have played around with javascript coding before and it seems like the backround draw coding isn't working. Sorry if this is confusing I don't know how to explain it. Also on firefox instead of doing the weird screen thing, it just turns black. Thanks for reading, I hope you can fix this for me. its making wilds.io very unpleasant and I'm not playing anymore because of this.


p.s. if you fix this ill want to play the game more and buy gold ;)


Daily Quests

Mission: Fix the game

Reward: Real cash

Only for Rezoner!

Difficulty: Unknown

Why no screenshot from console? :x 

Are you tried clear history and cashe? Sometimes this help.