Stop blaming raiding - and tips on how to write a better post

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TL;DR: Just some tips on how to write a better Userecho post.

Chances are, if you're not involved in whatever new flamewar is on the discord channel between the V's and some insurgent, then you aren't being 'raided'. While encouraged, users are not obligated to provide a reason for disliking the post, or even comment on it. A few stray dislikes on a post are normal, you can't please everyone in the community. 

If you want to lower the amount of dislikes on your posts, blaming raiding is not an effective practice. Instead, in order to maximize likes, put noticeable effort into your posts. Here are some pointers:

-Really flesh out your idea. If you are struck with inspiration, don't just jot down a few sloppy sentences on the Userecho and click 'post'. Instead, open a Word document, a Google Docs, or even just a Sketchpad file and lay your idea's "skeleton" down. Then, go back and add detail. If you're talking about a new map, be sure to describe the aesthetic of the field, as well as the distinct locations of certain aspects of your map. If you want to add a new weapon, discuss several different potential stats.

-Add a TL;DR. if your post gets long enough, it's good to provide a quick abstract at the beginning that summarizes the most important concepts of your post. Label the abstract TL;DR, which is short for "too long, didn't read"- so if a reader is in a hurry, they can get the gist of your post without having to laboriously skim your text.

-Know when to respond to comments. Always welcome and thank constructive criticism or support. However, if the commenter is just trolling, it's best to ignore them. Also, Don't excessively bump your idea posts. it's OK to bump a bug post that doesn't get noticed, but try to avoid bumping ideas.

I hope this helped, everyone!

I feel like I am being targeted right now...

I'm sorry you feel that way. Please note that I had no intention to target any particular user of the forums with the post. Rather, this post was designed to better the quality of the Wilds Userecho forums, and was addressed to all users.

Marketplace will rise!!

...I'm not sure where this comment is coming from, and anyway, it's off-topic.

Also, you might want to use the google docs. yourself as you the publisher got the Title wrong. Instead of "Stop Blaming Raiding", it should be Stop Blaming Raiders.  XD

Seeing as I am the publisher, who reserves the right to make the title whatever I want, I don't see anything 'wrong' with stating that people are blaming the event of raiding itself rather than the participants. If anything, blaming the event itself is a more direct and thus grammatically correct than blaming the individuals who create the event. 

In fact, I did not use google docs, I used Microsoft Word, because it's more professional.


Now there are 4 raiders.

I'm not sure I understand your implications. Please clarify.


All topics got raided after Rezoners please to stop raiding users with dislikes. Those raiders are 2 or 3, now I see your topic got raided by 4 people. That's what I said.

Correction its 5* people i actually upvoted this topic.


When I wrote this there was 4 people who disliked it -_-


BTW, I am not one of your raiders...

ive posted a glitch

and even showed the glitch in a vid

with simple text..

and i got disliked

'its an bug and a bug need to be fixed, so disliking a post like that is just bad'