Map Removal

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There is one arena map no one likes, I'm sorry. Its a pretty good idea at first glance with items and stuff, but in reality its a nuisance. Its extremely awkward and annoying. 

Almost every time players are on this map the chat goes something along the lines of "Oh, not this map again" or "lets go up".

Most of the time both players just go to the top of the map where there is free space so that they can fight on even ground. The picture below is the map I'm talking about as you have probably already guessed. 

Even though the space on the top of the map is just barely enough, I'm sure we would all prefer to have an open map.

Please thumbs up this thread so that it can convince Rezoner to remove it (or at least reduce the probability).

Thanks! ^.^

I totally agree that this should be changed.

I don't go to arena often, and i have never been on this map, but it seems to be annoying.

ok reading this is to long

answering the title: change dat arena map (i only looked at the picture and title lol)

It really isnt that much to read, haha c:

I made it longer because I wanted to clearly address the issues with this map.

Can you see the space between these two mountains (middle one and the one that you´re standing on) I played arena with my alt and a player got stuck there then he got out and disconected then bot got stuck there again and it just started to kick and hit me. And also i couldn´t damage himi because he was triggering the fall animation letting him go invulnerable when i tried to attack, if i blocked him he would fall again so i only just went to the corner of the map and he came to fight me (this was all before the wall damage update).