Experimental Game Modes

Disguised 2 years ago • updated by J4sh1n 2 years ago 4

There was hell, there was 3 player arena etc,. but my favourite one was probably melee (cause bone farming was a bit easier, and kicking people off the bridge on to the spikes was a fun pastime, haha). That's why I want to ask. Are any of them ever coming back? 

Or maybe have them cycle every week?

Thanks for the awesome game <3


HELL gamemode popularity stats:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania graph going down

You think why Rez deleted HELL?


Hell didn't give any bones or money so I didn't play it either, but melee did fine, it was quite popular. (I think)

Wait, I have an idea. What about every two weeks on a certain day, a gamemode/map is added, such as the Mysterious Dimension one week, then Hell another? This would keep the modes (relatively) alive, and Rez can release maps/gamemodes at his own pace?

It's basically your idea but more detailed