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This is a Public Service Announcement regarding running.

Why running is effective

  • When you run, you are in control of the battle. You stop, the opponent stops. You run, the opponent runs. 
  • Running also puts you in a better position to deal damage than the opponent. They run jump to catch up, you throw a knife. They roll towards you, you kick. 
  • Lets you collect items/health on the way
  • If you are fighting a melee player, their damage is mostly limited to their special and items.
  • If you are fighting a ranged player, their damage is limited to their ranged attack which slows them down, and allows you to escape. 
  • The opponent can only damage you significantly with combos (rope + bomb, double coconuts)
  • Finally, the opponent usually gets more annoyed the longer you run. This causes them to make mistakes or vent about how you're a "coward" in chat.

Why complaining about running is stupid (in fort).

  •  See the list above. Running is effective whether you like it or not.
  • You are not in arena. A player has every right to play the way they want
  •  If you are chasing the king, they has more to lose than you (in 1v1 battles). 
  •  Calling someone a "coward" in an online game is dumb.

Running tips.

  • Always keep at least one health pot on you. Makes you less vulnerable to accidental hits and item combos
  • Jump off cliffs a lot. Most of the times, the opponent will also jump, giving you a free hit.
  • Wood is pretty useful. They can be used quickly to trade in for items.
  • This strategy works really well with bow. Just hit them with arrows/special. Repeatedly.
  • Place mines in bottlenecks. This will force them to jump away from you (buys time), or towards you (free damage or mine kill)
  • Avoid spawn areas and go to areas with crates.
  • Only use your special when the opponent is vulnerable (rolling, jumping, just used shield). 
  • Know the map (and its bugs).

 Feel free to tell me your opinons. Or just dislike it...

I was ready to dislike but this is a GREAT post my brother thank you. only thing i want to add is that baiting the chaser with insults is a good way to get them to stop to type a come back.


For what is this post? I understand for make more runners in game which is already annoying for so much people. So this is more troll post because you want annoying more people what is generally a good way for make community worse. Really good work ~.~

What I'm saying is that players should play how they want without being scrutinized by the community.

Is letting runners run supposed to be the moral solution? If so, I'm ready to quit.

Get ready, in 2020 running will be very important in real politics in every single country. I started collecting cash for space shuttle in 2007.

lol its easy to catch a runner if hes not an archer but its still only a bit harder

i didn't read any of this because it was to long