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Hell mode

Lava Hyperion 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 6

I would like to have my weapon if choice in hell mode because I hate claws and it's random what you get (this is as the human not the shadows) please i just want me sword back considering its the best weapon in wilds.io.

-Lava Hyperion.

Under review

Nope - with 1 HP shadows sword is too OP. 


Sword has been disabled from HELL mode, because it was too OP. Shadows have 1 HP and with sword you get points very easy. Try hammer or axe if you don't want to play with claws (nails, but they weren't cut in years so they are claws)

So is claws right now... you can literally run away from the shadows while you spam claw's special ability.

They have claws too tho

I think shadows should have only claws, because now shadow can have also axe what looks not good in my opinion. 

I also love sword, but this weapon was really op in this mode. Also wand was very good and this will make gameplay too easy for humans. You still can reach high score, even with other melee weapons.