I could try to remake the original version?

WilderLord 7 years ago updated by Laser 7 years ago 8

OK well i understand that a lot of people liked the old version because it was very different. 

i myself had a time where i stopped playing the new version because i wanted the old one back. maybe i could try make a semi remake of the old version?

it wouldn't be quite the same but i think i could do a relatively good job. however the platform i use involves you to pay money to put your games properly online. so i would have to post a link on here for you to play it.

i could also add new updates over time and add more heroes beyond zerk and grunt.

such as the mage or shaman which were once planned ideas.

i would like to know what you think about this possibility. please ask me any questions in the comments below. 

do you think it would be worth my time?


Rezoners cats need to eat

what does that mean

Less players are going to play rezoners version

You will upgrade old version? hmmm...

i said i could. not i would. it depends what you think. so instead of down voting, tell me what you think and leave it be. because i never said there would be updates. i said there might be.

also it wouldn't be multi player so you couldn't play with your friends. i would have monsters and bots. bots would be a bit better tho. i would have different programming for different bots.


yes. i want the old version back. without getting rid of the current one.

It would be like your version of wilds.io then? You would be competing with Rezoner. It could be worth your time, Rezoner does get money off this game, if you are below eighteen years old, you would get a decent amount of money from this game, and maybe even more than Rezoner if you try and improve his game, but at the same time if your game does get successful and people start switching to your version of wilds.io then, it would mean less money for Rezoner. I was thinking...what if you worked alongside Rezoner instead of against him? Rezoner did say though that he doesn't need help on this game ( I think) nonetheless it would be good to pair up with someone. I want to see Rezoner's opinion about this, it would be interesting.