Hell mode too hard?

Egzekutor 2 years ago • updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 2 years ago 13

Hey, I noticed that the activity in the mode of "hell" fell heavily, and decided to do little research what is the reason for this. Here's what I managed to do:

First and most importantly, the bots that are in the hell, in the group are masters of pinrolling, so that even a very experienced player can easily die after falling to the ground. In a large group of bots they can traverse virtually every move a player performs, and I think that's why a lot of players have stopped playing in this mode. Bots just easily can kill human, who don't know how deal with them. Also gameplay is much faster in this mode, but i like it. I don't know how about other players, but for this i was make this post. We need opinions what should be improved.

The second thing is the complete lack of profit that a player can gain by playing in this mode. Apart from the personal result that he sees himself, he can not boast about it because others do not have a scoreboard. Also, the player can not get any gold, which after summing up gives an intense but not very profitable gameplay. Personally, hell is one of my favorites mode and I would love to have it developed. I also have an idea how to improve it.

 In addition to the usual players and bots, I think the goblins would be reminiscent of small devils, and yeti, which would be modeled on larger demons or creatures. Since they do not currently apply in the game, they can be used in this gamemode. Also adding monsters can greatly limit amount of OP schadow bots. 

Please, tell what you think about this mode, what should be improved and what you think about my small idea.

Regards, Egzekutor


To me, I just try the Hell mode twice.
First, I've noticed that:

-Bots can easily kill expert players because they are numerous and because the gameplay is quite fast than the normal gameplays (Ruins,Arena,Desert (Removed) and Soccer).

The second problem in this gamemode is the weapon:

-When we played a lot Wilds.io (like me), we got new weapons.But when we're a shadow, we spawn with different weapons and it's random. After killing a human we still keep this weapon. I'm a sword player, using hammer and axe are not my best friends.

-Also there's a bug with weapons, and I have a theory: In the first version of Hell mode, every shadow look like having claws but some of them were just normal weapons (axe/hammer/bow/staff) but the new gamemode maybe had bugs so the bots in other gamemode have the same ability to dash like claws. I've noticed some players using those two special attack and I still don't know how do they did it.

About colors, I think it's too dark (I'm a little astigmate on red colors...) it's difficult to see humans' life and also mines when they're going to explode...

Now about rewards: nothing except our high score when we're human, Maybe after killing some players we could directly earn some gold (like 10)?

About improvements:
-Of course because Bots are numerous, we haven't there is just a little chance to survive a long time.
As Egzekutor, we should add creatures to limit Bots like Ogres (I think Yetis are not enough strong to survive 1 minute against bots), Goblins or maybe new creatures in Hell mode.
-We could create a bigger map because there're a  lot of bots. I think ,if the map is a little bigger, we could maybe try to escape Bots attacks, but not really big (I'm talking about you Runners...)
I recorded a little, in this gamemode, I can just say I love hardcore games.

I also got wrecked under 3 minutes...

What about you?


wow thats so smooth. my computer would be glitching out.

I would love to see yetis, ogres, goblins, and shadows all together in a horde. Maybe boss battles could be implemented somehow into this mode? Like after a certain amount of shadows have been killed in one game, per say 20, an ogre or yeti appears?


Maybe Rezoner can add 1 Ogre every "x" time or  "x" shadows killed.
Like 5-10 minutes (random delay) or 10-20 shadows (random number).

Bots = Experienced player XD


Bots = "I know what is your next move"

Yeah because when you are on ground and try using roll/kick/special/attack/run they can detect it and then counter.


Maybe you should replace it with like a hunger games mode


The most important thing is that Hell shouldn't force to use random weapon, but the chosen one. I can't imagine playing anything except bow.


i agree i almost instantly die as soon as i turn human not even a chance to escape and when i attack i get destroyed


Definitely less bots and maybe more interesting landscapes would make this mode way more fun. I like the mechanic of starting as a monster, but the swarms mean that it's much more likely for a random bot to become a player than you


I seriously want to try this mode now but I'm not in the position to try it.

Not really... the demons are surprisingly easy for me now, if I get claws because one special attack is enough to rekt a group of them... if you keep running.