We need a better tutorial!!!

Storm Crow 7 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago 3

The main point of this post is to update the tutorial and improve it in any way we can. I have several ideas, which I think may be pretty cool, but by all means if you have a better and easier to implement idea, post it in the comments and get it implemented. Bear with me, this is gonna be a decently long post

First off, the current tutorial is very outdated, doesn't include mechanics that new players should know, and is generally unhelpful. I had a couple friends try wilds, and all said that the tutorial was terrible. 

The easiest thing to do would be just to add more content, game mechanics and info onto the tutorial, but I think that that would only make it slightly more helpful, but players would still come out of it with very little idea of the strategy and how to play. 

I think that a much better option would be to make a tutorial with different stages and levels that gives players a much more broad view of the game. Having a multi level tutorial would also make new players get hooked and play longer, since they want to complete the tutorial. There could also be a gold reward at the end for players with accounts. 

There would be a couple different formats for the levels:

  1. Noob vs Bots: Levels where players are fighting bots - this would help players get down better timing and strategy than just running around spam attacking. There could also be bots that are only killable certain ways(eg. a bot that is only damaged by mines), which would teach players how to use weapons
  2. Noob vs Players: Levels where players are dumped into maps like the ruins and have to complete a certain goal or kill a certain amount of enemies. This would pit new players against other players and give them the one best way of getting better at wilds: experience
  3. Noob vs Trainer: This is where it gets complicated and probably unnecessary...in these levels, players doing the tutorial would be waiting for a 1v1 just like the arena, but they would get fights with designated "trainers" and not other random players. The trainers would be assigned by rez and would have an extra "gamemode" slot in their menu. When they get on wilds.io, they would check whether there are any trainees waiting and be able to 1v1 them. They could give new players tips or just show by example how to play better. Trainers could get badges and gold for training players. This would basically be a mini training camp for players that don't have discord or just don't want to formally train. Again, this is probably unnecessary but would be pretty helpful for new players.

One friend suggested a "campaign" tutorial(a tutorial with a storyline). This would be a fun addition to the game but would be very complicated to implement as it would need a storyline and specialized maps and bots. 

Also, at the end of the tutorial it would be really nice to have links to Moms spaghetti's Beginner's guide and tips pages on the wiki, as these are amazingly helpful resources.

Remember, the point of this post is to make the tutorial better in any way possible. Thanks for reading

-Storm Crow


 What if the trainers were guild leaders and they trained people to join their guild, if guild leaders were trainers then it would turn into a recruitment program of some sort. It's just a thought. Good idea btw, +1 from me.