100 coins per day

Philip Thomas 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 4 years ago 21

you all know how hard it is to get your new item then this will help you out alot

As a daily reward sort of thing or...?


Lol everyone so lazy!

as a tip i will tell you how to farm gold with axe: Go to the forest, gather wood, trade wood into knifes, trade knifes into gold. Thats it.


Even so, it takes like 120 minutes just to earn 1000 coins...


ye but its soo long man


He forgot about one zero in title.. :(


yes he forgot... it was 0100.

na buts its a good idea tho

would be nice but maybe more like 10 a day because you can get rich in a month years decades

true but i hope people with agree this the idea this will help the new players or plp with money probs

dat bump tho


Dude, I get the struggle, but Rezoner did this to help himself financially. If everyone could get money easily, what is the point of supporting Rezoner? And if we don't support Rezoner, why should he keep updating the game? I dislike with this idea even though I struggle as well.

That is a good idea sort of like a daily log in reward


-Ifram whats happening?

-The level of lazyness of these 3 people is... is.

-Tell me now!

-Over 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

(i hope you understand the D.B.Z. reference)

Nah but this daily reward thingy might end up with Rezoner having no food... AND WE WILL HAVE NO UPDATES!



Original quote from DBZ was "it's over 9000" :p 

I just telling, bue

Lol I mean it's still over 9000


Rezoners cats need to eat,if you get gold for free,nobody is going to buy any gold

then why is threre requtet ment im not fixing my erros


threre? requtet? ment? erros?!! (faints)

PS. It's my 666th comment! I'm satan moohahahah