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Hell mode default weapon

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Problem: People are getting 200 points with sword and constantly killing people making the mode boring to everyone else. The humans are overpowering everyone else often making the mode boring and harder for other players.

My Thoughts: I do not like how other players and I struggle to kill the humans. And when I am a human, I overpower every shadow.

Solution: I think that giving a default weapon for the humans to use will change things up and make the mode less irritating to others. If every human would use the same weapon it would cover the change for the players getting many points with sword and mage.

i just saw this when it came up

do you mean overpower in 1v1?

In the hell game mode.

I mean, now the shadows are overpowered because they have more health. I can barely get to 10 without being pin rolled by bots and dying. Maybe this would work? I dunno

This needs to get balanced

Also 1 idea a week m8

Under review

If we can switch to axe as default weapon for humans - I can bring swarm health back to one

Yes that's a good idea

I haven't played for MONTHS and this sounds seriously weird. XD

uh number one sword is not op B bots spawn with full hp now so takes so many hits to kill them #3 I seen a great man get almost 500 with staff his name was president trump, its not just about sword being op its the player and the skill you can 1v1 a normal player and win but you can do it to noob's its how the game is humans are not that OP when there's 10+ players or bots all over them.