Three Kings/Queens

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 9

Hello and I would like to see a update where you could be King/Queen even though someone on the opposite team is already King/Queen. The way this works is that you select someone on one team (That person has to have the most amount of bones in his team) and he becomes King/Queen. You do the same for the other teams. I would like this to be implemented into Wilds.io because it just makes sense. I feel like that this would increase teamwork (except for the Black team. Not to be racist) because it gives a sense of team-pride. So essentially, we would get massive color wars (NOT TO BE RACIST). King/Queen versus King/Queen versus King/Queen (if possible)

Oh, yeah. A certain bone amount to become king would be nice. After all, someone who has just 3 bones can become King/Queen, even though we all know that that is not in the slightest impressive and therefore should not be King/Queen.

Maybe a minimal of 22 bones is suffice in becoming King/Queen (if nobody else in your team is equal or higher). That's it, Ladies and Gentlemen. Give me your thoughts. (please make them appropriate. It's like a Socratic Seminar) 

Isn't the minimum 10 bones already?


Interesting idea, but personally i see this useful in special mode with two castles/forts.

 Both teams must defend their kings and at the same time try kill king from opposite team. Also kings should have more hp than normal defenders.

Personally, I partially disagree with you with the kings having more Hit Points idea. I feel like this is a like too O.P. and I think that the King/Queen should earn a unique cape you can't buy from the armory. For both Brown and Grey, the color of the cape could be purple (symbolizing royalty) and for those in None should earn a fiery black, purple cape with a skull on it.

I also disagree with the two castles/forts idea because the whole reason why we have only one fort is to fuel chaos. If there is only one fort, it would encourage players to capture, because there is just only one. So if we had two castles/forts, it would only demote the climate that Wilds.io was meant for: Pure chaos, no equilibrium for any sides.

My idea is to pretty much elect a representative from each team.


This is why i say, special mode is needed. I think it can be interesting when players fight in two forts and try defeat another team.

I get raided every single time.