Passive Weapon Abilities

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A great addition to the game would be to implement a passive ability for every weapon. Unlike the active ability that weapons have, a passive ability would be inactive. Examples would include; a passive movement speed buff, critical strike chance, and so on and so forth. These "passives" would also give each weapon a particular style. As the game currently supports the "meta" of sword and claws. (Which honestly are very similar in terms of play style) Overall these additions would create a more dynamic game for everyone! If you agree with my arguments please support this post.

I really like this idea, only thing is that they can't be too powerful otherwise it would imbalance things

This is a really good idea, the only problem is figuring out what passive abilities there should be:

Speed buff

critical strike

Maybe some sort of defensive one: Sometimes an enemy hit does half damage? No damage?

Dash recharges faster

Any others we can think of?

Yeah those would be great "passives", as long as they don't bring imbalance to game.

mhmhm isnt this just upgrades with more steps? Lol

No these are not upgrades they come with the weapon itself.

more steps lol and why there really is not much need imo just give claws and sword a debuff ;)

you call that a nerf don't u?


Pro tip: for small boosts/passive abilities in some time Rez probably make small allies/pets :p

I like this idea, kind of like a special effect with each weapon.