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J4sh1n 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 7 years ago 8

I have noticed that desert mode is almost always empty. I have a couple theories as to why. One could be is that it's not nostalgic at all. There are lots of things from the current and player models are different. The only thing from old desert is taking damage from running into rocks. Another theory I have is that ruins is more appealing to people than desert. Put a little spice into desert and maybe we'll get more people playing desert

I agree 100%

Desert is just a plain open space with almost nothing in it. Needs more action.

Under review

Well this is 2nd attempt to revive desert. Earlier I have added desert pretty much the same as it was in old wilds and the result was the same. In my new game (mechar.io) I had to remove desert because it has faced the same problem. I think people just like more features and that's it - and some of the players wouldn't admit it but the game has evolved so much that they don't really want to play the old simple version.

On the European server, the desert is very successful

Wow that was fast

i agree with Rezak, on EU always desert have full server

You have to be fucking kidding me...