when you are in a football match, and you leave it while its playing and your team won, you lose points but your team doesn't

DGH 4 years ago updated by ifram 4 years ago 4

so when you leave, before your team won, you automatically lose points


This is not bug. Why you should earn points when you leave from game, and make your team weaker?

Current system works very good.


The trick to getting points in football is to not leave. Leaving will make other players of football favor you less, make you lose points for an obvious reason, and disallow you to professional football player groups. 

It's quite simple really. Just don't leave. Be there for the team, or they won't for you. Don't break away, because teamwork is the only way to win unless you're in a 4v1 and you're defending hardcore.. (grumble) 

My point is: Don't leave. Help your team, get some goals. That's how you get points in football. Don't be a coward, and don't be afraid to help out. because again, Be there for the team, or they won't for you.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game but an issue with sprint delay is making me play wilds less)

P.S. Never leave anyone behind. That's how you win. Leaving anyone at all behind will make you regret the choice, and you will lose along with it.

This is so true. I say it as a team player i don´t play football since... a VERY long time.

The P.S. almost made me cry.