Throwing weapon is to OP

Lava Hyperion 7 years ago updated by ifram 7 years ago 8

I was in-game today and someone with about 2 hits from a sword away from death picked up 1 armor i had thrown my sword at them and i hit them i killed them while they had armor on.

i only thought that when you throw your weapon at someone with armor on that it only takes away the armor not the armor and 2 hp.

am i using the hp right or would it be more then 2 hp if it would take 2 hits from a sword to kill them?


Lava, please capitalize correctly and use the right grammar if at all possible.


How long have you known me?

Bout 8-9 months now.

If you count in-game.

ITS About not bout please use the right grammar.

Yeah, I was counting in-game. I've never met you IRL.

The throw actually deals 3 HP bars of damage so. I guess its 6 damage?