Is Desert Map Free for All kinda empty?

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 3 years ago updated by fonky(aguy) 3 years ago 6

I've noticed that not many players play the free for all mode, which is kinda disturbing. If a majority of the players in a server leave to play another mode, it would affect the rest of the players that are still playing on the server because there is just not many players left to fight and kill. Then what happens is that another player leaves and then another leaves until all players have left. Once, I entered a server with only a few actual players and the rest being bots. Give me your insight on this matter. How should we tackle this?

I'm confused

There is a game mode right above the "fort" game mode in the Menu Screen. I'm talking about whether the game mode is too empty or just fine. In my opinion, everyone goes for the game mode "fort" because that is where the majority of the player base play.

I failed to understand

wait my translate too

Is the Desert game mode kinda empty?


Desert is pretty empty,  but redirecting arena q to desert improves  the players there somewhat. Not much can be done if ppl don't want to play desert.