Fox Headset Bug

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 4 years ago updated by savage doge 4 years ago 10

So basically, this bug is when I pick a female character with the fox headset and when I go to play with this set up, (with claws), I play as a MALE character instead of a female character in fox headsets. I dunno why but either this is a legitimate bug or there has been some restriction I don't know about. I tried many times to play as a female character, but every single time, I get switched to a male instead of a female character. Fix it please. 

Here is me going in as a female character...

Here I spawn as a male character, which in my opinion does not go well with the fox headset.

Give me your thoughts.

racism caught on camera :D

For real... It's kinda annoying. I just got the fox headset.

Sorry for the bump. I want to use the fox headset with female character., which remains unusable.