Modern wilds.io ? New game !

László Madarász 7 years ago updated by Sam :V 6 years ago 14

maps : city (And more)

Melee Weapons: fireaxe,baseballbat, chainsaw, (and more)

range weapons: pistol, shotgun. minigun, (And more)

modes: Infection, deathmatch, teamdeathmatch, (and more)

PERKS and Special abilityies


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Are you stupid? Rezoner can't make all this in a short amount of time, let alone a long one. Go find find another game.

When I read this topic, I check this guys profile. Now I understand why this idea is so stupid.

I did the same and I feel like that wilds.io isn't meant to be game with guns. Go play some Call of duty or something.

Seriously, have you even played the game yet?

Urbans.io ;) Just play mechar.io




Let's press one in chat to pay respect to Se....nah.

wrf cant be wilds.io in modern we are wilds!!!!!!!!! tribes

We are solving things old fashion way.

what the hell?