improvements for weapons and shields

WilderLord 7 years ago updated by Dead Wolf 7 years ago 5


the longer you hold the bow the faster the arrows move. if you hold for very short time you can shoot many arrows in a short time but they wont go far and will move slow. if you hold for ages you can shoot a pressure arrow which knocks over its targets and moves x3 faster than normal arrows. so the longer you hold the further and faster the arrows go.

also arrows shouldn't be kick able because it would go threw there foot. you can kick ice bolts from the wizards staff still however.


instead of charge the mage should have the ability to create ice walls. they could be destroyed in 6 hits. the mage could hold down right click to make them appear. if they appear on top of another player they are trapped inside it until they break it from the inside. they are invulnerable to damage while trapped. each wall block uses 1/6 stamina.

also instead of a roll they should telly port a little bit ahead of themselves but not up walls. great when cornered or to go threw walls.


when thrown the spear should move the same speed as an arrow but deal more damage. it should go in a strait line and impale its target. the other weapons should deal less damage when thrown to make up for this ability. then there would be secondary weapons so that when you throw your primary one you can use your secondary one.


when you gets your first shield your block is only 180 degrees. with no shield only which should be an option. while wearing no shield you move 10% faster. with a more expensive shield however your block should increase to 360 degrees.

i hope you liked these ideas please give feedback (:

I agreed with the first 3 ideas. The fourth I disagree because it would make it too O.P.

yeah me too

but dat soo good but i think wand should normal just pewpew

So when you have more expensive shield you get titanic ass back from old wilds?

Some good ideas but I could see how many of these would create bugs.