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Google says this forum is unsafe...something about security...?!?

Storm Crow 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 5

When you try to go into the forums, this screen pops up:Image 1600It happens on both computers I tried. You can still access the site if you click the link at the bottom.

It says something about a security certificate expiring:

Image 1601


Also notice the slash on the https

Image 1602

Please look into this rez.

It's probably unnecessary to post this if it's affecting all computers, but just to be sure...

Please comment if this is not happening to you

-Storm Crow


that happened to me to but its over now. i think that user echo was under cyber war against hackers.

Under review

 They did not renewed SSL license. Go through http instead of https and it will be fine

I'm always on HTTPS. I don't have this problem. I can see "Safe connection" on the same place where you have "Not secure".

Its probably your parents blocking some sites