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political map

Disguised 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 2

I am just curious about the colours and names on the map?, I mean how are the names chosen, what determines the colour and the size. I figured that the names are that of tribes.. but thats about it.


Under review

Names and region size are real attributes of the tribes existing in game - the rest is a trickery. To store a history of the game in database in a way that it is compact and I can improve the drawing mechanics anytime - I cannot keep pixels or images. Instead I only keep simple numbers tribe id, name and size for any given day. Then I use something called a seedable random to always get the same position and color from tribe id. The size on the map is determined by amount of bones - i know that map has 300000 pixels and some guild has 10% of bones so it owns 30000 pixels that I claim around the starting pseudo random position of the tribe. 

Each tribe colour is randomly chooses but on the map you not found two the same colours. Also tribe lands size depends of amount of bones, which collect all tribe members.