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Suggestions to Rezoner

fonky(aguy) 3 years ago updated by Phroenix 3 years ago 6

Hello all! It's fonky, I've been on hiatus for a while, but I'm back again! Prepare to see me in arena >:)

Great updates overall, I caught up basically on everything. Love the removal of curved arrows(don't hate)

Anyways, getting to the post: Here are some suggestions

Rank resets(FOR ARENA): With many other competitive games, there is usually a semi rank reset at the end of a "season(3-4 months) This keeps the leader board fresh, removes inactive players from the leader board, and give new players a fighting chance to climb without being overwhelmed by a time difference. Rank should be decided with skill, not time played.

Consolidation of maps So this has been a controversial topic over all of wildsio history, but I'm gonna give my 5 cents on this issue. Maps should be consolidated to just one, AKA Forts. There are clearly more players playing in forts rather than desert. Wilds.io does not have the player base to sustain multiple maps at the moment. Consolidating the player base would make the game more fun. (Keep arena and football, as those waiting in q end up in forts anyways)

Arena mode DUOS - I imagine 3v3 was removed due to the long wait time. Although this may sound stupid, a 2v2 arena with the new maps would drastically reduce q times compared to 3v3 and allow you to play with friends. 

Imagine the following scenario: You have a few friends that play wilds.io, however it is difficult to find a time where all three of you are online. If there was a 2v2 mode, you could play with pretty much one other friend, allowing for much more flexibility, thus drastically reducing q times. There is a huge difference between finding 6 players and 4 players for arena(due to the current player base)

Under review

Welcome back.  Regarding refreshing the score tables we have undocumented mechanics introduced a few days ago. Basically everyday everyone looses 2% of their score - this makes inactive players to fall down in ranking.

As for the maps I want to keep the desert and gather some statistics - maybe I should throw queued people there as it is more casual.

Good idea! But what about the melee thing?

So many posts under review lol

I think, players should be happy :p

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Just disable the Under Review :?