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New ¨weapon¨ builder´s hammer

ifram 4 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 4 years ago 2

Hello guys its me Ifram!

Today i had a... a... an idea.

A weapon that can make destroyable palisades and doors... Presenting the awesome the only the one THE HAMMEHHHHH ehhh wait thats already been added.

Ok i actually have no idea of what you can use to build with something that isnt a mini-hammer.

This weapon can also recollect wood so it doesnt depends that much on its team (noobs).

This weapon causes 1 damage and has a slow as a snail attack rate.

Its charged attack costs 2 wood and makes a palisade where the mouse is.

Its special attack creates a DOOR where the mouse is BUT but but requires 4 wood.

Those doors are only usable by the builder´s team sooo... GET AWAY BROWN TEAM!

I feel like this weapon should be quite hard to use (1 damage and need wood to do absolutely EVERYTHING) this could add some team gameplay to 3v3 arena, which we cannot play in anymore:P. Thanks rezz!

Also this might help the noobs recollect wood creating a safe way to get to the fort... OR SPAWNCAMPING THE WHOLE ENEMY TEAM!

I hope that you guys liked the idea if not then STFU nahh just joking if not downvote it :P and let me know what you disliked.

Now that i read this it doesnt sounds so good but whatever :P.


                                                                                                    - Ifram. NOTICE ME BILBOOO

He didnt notice

Under review

As I said many times I read pretty much everything - I just don't comment things until I can say something for sure. :)