Gold Bug-II flames

Poke Hano 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

So a guy on discord called Sponsored by: Me doing kind things if its fake dont down vote please im at 98 now TT. Raids sux.

毒龍殺手 Actual name is: iiFlames

Talked to me about his gold bar glitching I first off was cynical but it seems that it actually may be a bug. So here are some screen shots he gave me to prove his case:  SO he said he got 500 gold 

but somehow he has 134 gold now 

Image 1551

Image 1552

Image 1553

 So yes this is the bug. It may be fake but I chose to believe this one because it seems very real if anyone else has seen this bug tell me?

Further more I dont feel anyones desperate enough to get 400 gold imo

Hey that's me with Patrick as my profile pic hehe

It's good that you help people :) 


mmhmhmh thank you

ANyone else have this problem in the community?