Heroes characters

Phroenix 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

I think wilds could have something different ... what about such hero characters?

It would be that neither Mobile Legends - Bang Bang A game where you can buy

heroes or win in battles against enemies. 

I think a new mode for heroes should be included in this idea since heroes in
battles like Ruins, meele, 1v1 or soccer would be very appealing, new players
would certainly claim.
It is clear that suggestions for this idea are even better!
By: Phroenix <33

How would it work?

Like, do they just follow the player?

to be honest phroenix i do not think we should take ideas from those things sorry. try games like Vainglory or Possibly mounment valley you may find something intresting in  those ones....

What I'm trying to say is that: hero characters in the game could be added, they would have some
abilities, but the hero classes could only be used in a battle mode as quoted in the post.
I don't get this because wilds.io is an IO game and you've taken out some Mobile Legend's 
I'm talking about WILDS IO HEROES and not another game.

When I read this, I instantly thought of Clash of Clans. No thank you — I'd prefer strict combat.

Did I mention clash royale? Look at the post well.