Football - possible AFK players solution

Drathcula 2 years ago • updated by savage doge 2 years ago 2

So, my idea is basically simple, but I believe it will be hard to implement.

Because there is constant number of AFK players in footbal, which cause the game unbalanced for one team I came with idea of making an ingame queue for dead players and kicking the away players.

How it will look:


Team A: 4 active

Team B: 2 active from the start

After some time (place for discussion) the afk players from B will be kicked out of the game (gold and rank will be taken from them) 

When B team kills someone from A, the dead players from A will be addect to a queue waiting for the numbers of players to be the same..

During match

Team A: 2 Active 2 in queuve

Team B: 2 Active

When B team manage to kill more folks from A, then the last one killed will be placed in the queue (FIFO) and the first one from queve will be after some time - so the B team can have the advance of superiority - ressurected.

I don´t know if it can be done or if its a good idea. I just wanted to make the unbalanced (when going 2vs4) football match more fair.

Arena too

is very annoy play alone because u team is afk

i already post a similar ideia check : (3)