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So, Rezoner, I LOVE the fort mechanics for the new map, but I think it's still just sorta a proof of concept right now, and it could definitely be expanded upon. At the same time, you've removed the CTF gamemode because it's broken, and I agree with you on that point. However, I was thinking that the forts mechanic would be EPIC for a new CTF map!


So, here's my map idea:


Each team has a fort on either side of the map with their flag within the fort. The fort would have three gates: one on the top, one on the bottom, and one facing the middle of the map. The team would spawn in a small room behind the fort, just like you had it before. Each fort would be reinforced with mountain ridges so that the defenders have an edge, similarly to how the fort on the current map is on top of a mountain. The top edge of the map would be a forest of dead trees, so that each fort would have plenty of wood to fuel their campfire and repair their gates. Goblins and the occasional yeti/ogre hunt in the forest. The bottom edge of the map would be a sparse ruins, with some crates to smash and some walls, traps, etc.  The very center of the map would be a desert-like area with the occasional rock, quicksand pit, item pedestal, or sand worm.


To capture the enemy flag, you have to:

1: get to the enemy gate.

2: destroy the enemy gate (or vault over the wall).

3: Capture the fort. This does not change the gates, like it does now, but you do need to raise your flag before you take the CTF flag.


Once the fort is captured, you need to make it out alive and to your own fort's flag. If you do this successfully, You have yourself a score!


I’ve attached a quick illustration of my map idea. I hope you like it!

that is really hard.

He has already planned to combine forts and ctf


But the map is good

Well, I'm glad rezoner has it planned. It would be really neat to see the fort put to some use once bugs are patched.

Under review

Yeah this is compatible with what I have in mind - I think the map will look like you have drawn it more or less

Yes, but before that can happen, forts need to be cleaned up. There are quite a few bugs.

Also, you can throw grenades through walls, is that intentional?

Why you shouldn't be able to throw granades through walls? O.o

Yes I like this idea!

i have had similar ideas to this before. but still have black players who spawn in the desert.

12 years of drawing.. I'm proud of you.