Please buff archer clones

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I was bukkaking all over saii today with 10 clones and the bow i bought. I think everyone agrees the bow is underpowered compared to everything else,, can we either have more clones per potion or stronger arrows?


Nah, bow is very good weapon. You just must learn how good play with it.


You bought bow, played 2 minutes, died 100 times and you want to buff OP weapon? *facepalm*


I was bukkaking all over saii today with 10 clones and the bow i bought´ thats the problem with bow when you get a large amount of clones it gets OP as hell. and also if you think that bow is underpowered try wand at long range.


maybe at automatic homing/fire arrows to them?


I think arrows should travel instantly and explode on impact. Also, the bow should fire arrows in a five-arrow shotgun spread at a rate of 3 rounds/second. Then it might be balanced.

Oh, and bow users can only be named "Ebarbs" or "Rg".

lmao u play clash


like this idea


That post description though.. #awkward

that bump

What? Bow with clones is op as is!

....Don't bump old posts that are 1 month old+

yeah buddy stop commenting on old posts, they have to be forgotten

Just wait for a day when this guy will bump first post ever on this forum.