betting system

popoyo-sama 3 years ago updated by Poke Hano 3 years ago 10

A system of betting in the arena where the winning team or 1x1 would win a certain amount of coins that was bet from the beginning of the game and the loser would win nothing

Heh interesting. This can add some fun in pvp :D

Besides facilitating the purchase of things and would be balanced because you can not win all and the bets could be with a limit or without limit type limit of up to 100 coins or without limit

Yes, this is the main thing. Amount of coins which you can bet should be small.

And can not have anything to do with the limit of 800

It's better to bet 100

representative image: 

I can't believe I made this mistake xD

I will wacth you Lobito !

This is a really good idea adds more strategy and stuff. You must know the abilities of others and stuff etc